Generous Couple Tip Waiter $100 For 'Terrible' Service In A Restaurant - But Why?

If you've worked in a restaurant then you'll know how stressful it can be working on a busy night, especially when staff numbers are low.

And if running between dozens of tables and balancing hundreds of heavy dishes wasn't enough, it's unlikely your customers - unhappy with the service - will even leave a tip.

That's why the story of one couple who tipped $100 for a meal with "terrible" service has gone viral.

Was there some kind of mistake? Did they recently win the lottery? Are they mad?

No. Steven and Makenzie Schultz have both spent their fair share of time waiting on tables in busy restaurants - and wanted to reach out and offer a helping hand to their waiter.

The couple were celebrating their wedding anniversary at Kazoku Sushi restaurant when they found themselves waiting 20 minutes just to be served a couple of drinks.

Makenzie says that the restaurant was extremely understaffed and, as a result, the service they received was "pretty terrible" - it took a further 40 minutes for them to receive their appetiser and more than an hour to get their entree.

But rather than kick up a stink about it, they did something incredible and left a $100 tip for a $66 meal.

Their reason? Makenzie later wrote on her Facebook page...

Her post has since been shared 183,030 times and has nearly 1.5 million likes.

Speaking to ABC News after the story went viral, Makenzie said: "We could hear the other tables around us making negative comments about the service. One table walked out and another stood up and told a group of people waiting for a table to leave.

“For a while we sat back and got that negativity too. I finally said to my husband, ‘Well, we have nowhere to be and everything is usually so rushed in our lives that this is kind of nice.”

The couple, who met when they were working as servers at the Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. restaurant eight years ago, found something positive in their bad experience because they put themselves in the waiter's shoes.

The final message in her Facebook post has particularly struck a chord with us, and the rest of the world it seems.

"Always always always remember where you came from." Amen to that.

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