News Reporter Covers Missing Child Case... And Finds The Boy Himself

When 10-year old Paul Fagan went missing from his home in Tampa, Florida, his family became increasingly frantic.

His grandmother reported the boy missing on Thursday evening last week, after last seeing him at 4pm.

After searching from the air and on foot, Paul - who has a mild learning disability - still hadn't been found after nearly 14 hours.

But news reporter Cameron Polom, from the local Florida TV station WFTS, was reporting on the case when he saw Paul come out of the bushes in a neighbour’s garden.

“I could tell he was wondering ‘Am I in trouble, what should I do?'" said Polom. “He came closer to me and I asked him ‘What’s you’re name?’ He said 'Paul.'”

The moment when Paul was returned to his grandmother

Paul said he ran away because he “needed space” from his little brother. He spent the night in his neighbour's garden. Which police said they searched.

He was safely returned to his relieved grandmother, who has custody of him, in an emotional reunion.

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