10 Tasty Veggie Recipes To Try On World Vegetarian Day

Today is the day to discover your animal lovin' side, in a 'I-don't-want-to-eat-you' kind of way.

And what better way to celebrate vegetarianism than with 10 amazing veggie recipes that you can try at home?

From leek and gruyere rosti to beetroot gnocchi, we can guarantee that if you're not so fussed about vegetables now, you will be after you've sunk your teeth into these bad boys...

Enough about the recipes, now it's time for the hard talk. Why does everyone harp on about the wonders of a vegetarian diet?

Currently more than 5% of the British population are vegetarian - a number which is increasing on a yearly basis.

According to World Vegetarian Day (.org) a meat-free diet has many benefits, which include:

:: Eating vegetables helps to reduce the risk of heart disease, stroke and cancer.

:: It provides a viable answer to feeding the world’s hungry through more efficient use of grains and other crops.

:: It saves animals from suffering in factory-farm conditions and from the pain and terror of slaughter.

:: To conserve vital but limited freshwater, fertile topsoil and other precious resources.

:: To preserve irreplaceable ecosystems such as rain forests and other wildlife habitats.

:: Decrease greenhouse gases that are accelerating global warming.

:: Mitigate the ever-expanding environmental pollution of animal agriculture.

Still not feeling completely won over by the vegetarian way of life? Why not try "flexitarianism" where meat is cut out of most meals?

If you are seriously considering becoming a veggie, we'd definitely recommend reading Sophie Baker-Britton's blog post on making the transition to the 'green' side.