02/10/2014 10:57 BST | Updated 03/10/2014 05:59 BST

Jennifer Garner Does A Pretty Accurate Impression Of Husband Ben Affleck (VIDEO)

No one knows Ben Affleck better than his wife Jennifer Garner, and she proves it with this pretty bang-on impersonation of her A-list husband on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.

Jennifer Garner channels her husband Ben Affleck on The Tonight Show

Ben Affleck has known good times and bad in Hollywood, but is currently riding another wave, with his performance in husband-wife thriller 'Gone Girl' earning plaudits and early Awards Season buzz.

Ben plays Nick Dunne, a man accused of his wife's murder after she goes missing from their seemingly perfect existence, on the morning of their fifth anniversary.

Ben and Jennifer have been married for nine years. He had a cracking awards season the year before last with, 'Argo' which he directed, picking up a whole load of mantelpiece decoration, including the Oscar for Best Film.

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