Why Comedian Bente Engelstoft Takes A Makeup-Free Selfie Every Day (And It's Not For Laughs)

Bente Engelstoft

While the word itself might have only come into existence a few years ago - thanks Instagram - the 'selfie' has pretty much cemented itself into modern day life.

For one woman, though, there's no hiding her imperfections with filters and the like.

In fact, comedian Bente Engelstoft takes an 'au naturale' selfie every day after she's woken up - panda eyes and all.

The reason? It's art. A year-long, Tracey Emin-inspired project called 'I Just Woke Up', to be precise.

Engelstoft told Daily Dot about how her art project had since evolved to help educate young women about self-confidence issues.

She said: "There are these young girls that are taking photos of themselves, trying to look their best, they’re showing how much fun they’re having at a concert, and they’re proving that they’re 'good', if that makes sense.

"They kind of have this stigma attached to them."

Some may find the notion of make-up-free selfies terrifying, and the fact that the photos are taken straight after waking up. That's the kind of stuff that nightmares are made of.

But we think that Bente's honesty on social media, in front of the watchful eyes of many, is a breath of fresh air.

There are no makeup touch-ups, no glamorous backdrops and definitely no overuse of 'Amaro' (an Instagram filter, FYI) to hide unwanted eye bags.

Instead, there are 365 bed-head-filled, screwed-up-face, panda-eye shots (note to Bente: always remove eye makeup before bed) with the occasional cameo from her boyfriend or mum.

Her message? That you can be honest on social media and that you don't always have to show that you're "beautiful or super-fun or cool".

Bente added: "It made me feel really good that I could be seen in that light."