Lynda Bellingham Reveals Hopes To Meet Her Long-Lost Father In The Afterlife, Following Terminal Cancer Diagnosis

Lynda Bellingham has stated that she’s hoping to see her long-lost father, who died before she had the chance to meet him, in the afterlife.

The actress recently revealed that she has decided to stop receiving treatment, after being diagnosed with terminal cancer.

Lynda Bellingham

Lynda was born in Canada, where she was adopted at birth by a British couple, who decided to raise her in England.

Her biological father died at the age of 62, before Lynda had the chance to meet him.

Now, in an extract from her upcoming autobiography - which is being serialised in the Mail on Sunday - Lynda discusses her parentage, writing; “I am drawn once again to how my life began and where I came from, and in particular who my birth father really was.”

“My real father lives on in the eyes of his great-grandson,” she continues. “What would he have made of me, I wonder?

“Now I long to talk to him, to show him what I have achieved.

“He died young at 62, just as I will when I die at 66. Is he trying to get me up there with him to make up for all those years he never communicated with any of his children? I say up, it could be down, couldn’t it?”

The book also includes a letter Linda has written to her father, which reads: “I hope you can look down and see my world.

“I have worked so hard to get it right before I go and I hope there is a way you can look after them all, just as I will be doing from wherever I am off to. Who knows, we might just meet in the middle. Lots of love, Lynda B x.”

Lynda and her husband Michael

Lynda has previously opened up about her fears and hopes ahead of this Christmas, which is set to be her last.

Earlier this month, she made a brave but shocking admission, stating that she feels as though she’s let her husband Michael down.

Michael has also discussed his wife’s cancer diagnosis, telling Yours magazine: “It’s scary and it’s going to create the biggest hole in my life. I just don’t know what the next few weeks will bring or how I’m going to cope.

"The only thing that’s giving me comfort is that Lynda is very much at peace with everything – we’ve managed to sort everything out.”

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