Meet The 'Shark Whisperer': Florida Man Jumps Into The Sea And Grabs A Shark With His Bare Hands

You see someone fishing in the ocean. They appear to catch a shark on their line.

Do you:

a) Stand back and continue to watch

b) Try to help the fisherman somehow


c) Jump in the water and grapple the shark with your own bare hands?

Congratulations if you answered c). You must be this slightly crazy guy in Florida.

He's now being dubbed 'the shark whisperer' and he jumped into the sea near the Jupiter Inlet in Florida to perform this very bizarre feat.

“It was a blacktip shark and he threw it back after unhooking it from the beach," explains YouTuber Greg Pace, who uploaded the video. "I saw him put the large ladyfish on and freeline it for 15 minutes until the shark ate it. I had never seen anything like it.”

And nor, it can safely be said, have we.