The hearing is reportedly being held at a Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility in Fort Pierce, Florida.
The resort said it “was not made aware of the purpose of this event” when organisers pitched what they claimed was a book signing.
"I am unwilling to stand by and watch while books are banned by schools,” the singer said.
The Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office is investigating the incident.
The former president had already faced 37 federal felony counts over his handling of sensitive material after he left the White House.
The Miami New Times said a “knowledgeable source” claimed the former president left Versailles in Little Havana before anyone could order anything.
Everything you need to know as the former US president appeared in a Miami courtroom to plead not guilty.
The coup-attempting former president pleaded not guilty to 37 felony counts based on his retaining and then hiding from authorities top secret documents.
"Was I willingly dragging my daughter into the line of fire?... Would my daughter not only *be* safe, but *feel* safe, when we landed?"
The battle between the former president and Florida governor is escalating.