07/10/2014 05:50 BST | Updated 07/10/2014 05:59 BST

Experimental iPhone 6 Prototype Is Selling For £100k

A rare 64GB iPhone 6 prototype appeared on eBay reaching £100k in bids before it was pulled by the seller.

The iPhone was reportedly sent to the seller by Verizon and arrived without any markings on the back as well as the trademark red Lightning port which reportedly signifies a prototype device.

According to the listing, the prototype turned up running Apple's internal testing software called SwitchBoard instead of iOS 8 resulting in the seller being unable to guarantee the device's operability saying, 'I cannot guarantee that it will make calls or that the camera will work.'

The last time a prototype Apple device was discovered was back in 2010 when Gizmodo managed to get hold of the iPhone 4 before it was released.

Thankfully for Apple it was able to launch its phone before this device was discovered however that hasn't stopped the iPhone 6's arrival being one of the biggest leaked launches in recent years.

If a £100k iPhone 6 is a bit out of your price range then how about a mint condition original iPhone for $15,000? The 4GB model has appeared on eBay as being completely unopened indeed the packaging still has the plastic wrapper seal.