08/10/2014 12:27 BST | Updated 09/10/2014 12:59 BST

Ebola Patient Thomas Eric Duncan, First To Be Diagnosed In US, Dies In Texas Hospital

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The first Ebola patient diagnosed in the US has died, a Dallas hospital said on Wednesday.

Wendell Watson of Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital says Thomas Eric Duncan was pronounced dead at 7:51 in the morning. "Mr. Duncan succumbed to an insidious disease," he said in a statement.

Duncan arrived in Dallas 20 September from Liberia and fell ill a few days later.

He was sent home after an initial visit to the emergency room, but taken back to the hospital September 28 and has been kept in isolation ever since.

Others in Dallas could be in danger as officials try to contain the virus that has ravaged West Africa, killing thousands of people.

Officials say 10 people had direct contact with Duncan while he was contagious.

Reported by AP, Dr. David Lakey, commissioner of the Texas Department of State Health Services, said: "The past week has been an enormous test of our health system, but for one family it has been far more personal."

He added: "They have our sincere condolences, and we are keeping them in our thoughts. We'll continue every effort to contain the spread of the virus and protect people from this threat."


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