Great White Shark GoPro Photo Is The Most Terrifying Nature Picture Ever Taken

The Best/Most Terrifying Shark Photo Ever Taken

This doesn't really need an introduction...

See? Those teeth.. Oh my...

This is the utterly pant-wetting moment an American art teacher came within touching distance of that most-feared - justified or not - of creatures, the Great White Shark.

Amanda Brewer, 25, from New Jersey was cage diving in Mossel Bay off Seal Island, South Africa, when the female shark burst from the water.

She told Time magazine: "I wasn’t even a little bit frightened". (Really!)

"When you’re there and you’re in their presence, it’s not scary. They’re beautiful and graceful, and you can see how intelligent they are."

To be honest, the last thing we'd want in charge of a mouth like that is something intelligent but kudos to you Amanda.

She has put the photo to good use, using it to teach her students about about animal conservation.

For the full story behind the picture check out the Time article here.

Amanda Brwer photographs Great White Shark

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