Watch As Nottingham Students Taught Graphic Necrophiliac Chant By University Reps

Nottingham Students Taught Graphic Necrophiliac Chant By University Reps

Video footage of students at Nottingham University chanting an obscene and graphic song about necrophilia has emerged, and even appears to show university representatives instigating the chant.

Published by student paper Impact, the covertly-recorded footage shows a group of students from Cavendish Hall repeating lines to the chant, which has since emerged to have been started by Week One Reps - a team of former hall residents who assist new students during their freshers' week.

"I refused to join in with the chant, and said to a Week One Rep that I wasn’t going to sing. He responded to this by saying ‘it is a bit naughty," one first year student told Impact.

"I went out every other night for the rest of the week. Each night I heard the same chant, still being led by Week One Reps."

The students can be heard chanting:

"These are the girls that I love best, many times I’ve sucked their breasts.

F*** her standing, f*** her lying,

If she had wings I’d f*** her flying.

Now she’s dead, but not forgotten, dig her up and f*** her rotten.

You wish, you wish, you wish you were in Cavendish…"

The chant, which begins with the lines, "I wanna be a Cavendish ranger, living a life of sex and danger / High flying, 69-ing", has been around for several years.

One Nottingham alumni told HuffPost UK: "My friends and I all used to sing it without really thinking about the words. Now I look back I can't believe I used to chant that sort of stuff."

Angharad Smith, a co-ordinator of Week One, said in a statement: "In training and in discussion with reps, we are clear about what is and isn’t acceptable behaviour. All reps sign a contract stating that chants are specifically not to be promoted so it is hugely upsetting that this has been ignored."

Harry Copson, President of the University's Students' Union added: "It is unfortunate that in this instance the guidance we provided has not been implemented in the way that we would hope for as a Students’ Union, to ensure enjoyment and comfort for all our members."

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