Nude Women At Festivals Thread On Reddit Is Just About The Lowest Of The Low

Nude Women At Festivals Thread On Reddit Is Not On

Although the battlefield is online, there is a very real war being fought, involving women's naked bodies posted without their consent.

It's not enough that celebrities such as Jennifer Lawrence and Kate Upton are finding naked pictures of themselves on the net after phone hackers saw fit to violate their private phones.

This time, the finger is being pointed at a subReddit group entitled 'r/festivalsluts'.

Forget the free spirit of Woodstock, this is about posting photos of women half naked at festivals online for men to ogle at under captions such as 'Rolling and Horny at Electric Daisy Carnival' 'Burning Butt 2014'.

The biggest problem, says website Noisey/Vice is that some of these photos "have clearly been taken without consent".

They write: "In some of these pictures the women look like they’re proudly displaying their bodies. Others are sneaky, non-consensual shots taken from a distance. It shouldn’t matter; you can bet that however the pictures came about, none of these women wanted their photo on a message board called “Festival Sluts” to be pored over by horny, anonymous internet users."

EJ Dickson on The Daily Dot also agreed that the photos look like sneaky shots. "Another (image) depicts a woman wearing underwear and furry boots who is being snapped from behind; yet another shows two unconscious, pantsless women passed out on the floor.

"But the fact that the women in these photos may not even know they’re featured on the site, or even that they took these photographs to begin with, hasn’t stopped Redditors from gleefully commenting on their appearance."

The comments (we aren't going to link to the page) are beyond the pale. While some are from your garden variety pervert, others are downright nasty: 'Her puss looks like her face... stupid' and 'Cover the body with your hand, could be a dude'.

The fact is some of these women know they are lifting up their top or running around naked, but that doesn't make them fair game for a bunch of guys to salivate over or rip them apart like they aren't actually human beings.

They have the temerity to get cheesed off at the Noisey/Vice article and post more pictures of naked women with captions such as 'In honour of the Vice article', when the reality is that if anyone did this to their own sister, mother or girlfriend, not one of them would stand for it.

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