Rosetta Space Craft Takes Comet 'Selfie'

This Is Not Sci-Fi, This Is Real

The European Space Agency craft Rosetta is preparing in the very near future to land a probe on a comet, in what would be a staggering first for astronomy and science.

It's also taken one hell of a selfie:

This image was taken 16km from the comet 67P/Churyumov–Gerasimenko

ESA said:

"The image was taken on 7 October and captures the side of the Rosetta spacecraft and one of Rosetta’s 14 m-long solar wings, with the comet in the background.

Two images with different exposure times were combined to bring out the faint details in this very high contrast situation. The comet's active ‘neck’ region is clearly visible, with streams of dust and gas extending away from the surface."

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