15/10/2014 06:34 BST | Updated 15/10/2014 06:59 BST

Umbrella Uses Air To Create Invisible Forcefield

This is the 'Air umbrella' and while it looks like some form of bizarre baton it's actually an air-powered device that creates a forcefield around you when it rains.

Created by a team of engineers and designers in China 'Air umbrella' is now on Kickstarter where its already raised over $20,000, more than doubling their original goal.

Using high-powered air jets you simply hold the air umbrella up and the air pushes the water away from your body before it even reaches you.

Creating an invisible shield is no easy task so almost all of the umbrella is taken up by the battery which then powers an ultra high speed fan that pulls up air from the bottom then fires it out.

At the moment the team are only able to power the umbrella for 30 minutes, so don't expect it to save you on a long country walk.