Lady Gaga Reveals Men 'Took Advantage Of Her Sexually' In Early Days Of Her Career

Gaga Reveals 'Awful' Experiences Of Men Taking Advantage Of Her

Lady Gaga has spoken about how she felt “taken advantage of” by certain men she worked with in the early stages of her career.


The ‘Bad Romance’ singer reveals in a new interview with The Times that she’s had some “awful” experiences, which included feeling like she was being exploited sexually.

Lady Gaga

She has previously alluded to these experiences in her song ‘Swine’, which she described in a radio interview as being “about the more troubling and challenging sexual experiences I had earlier in my life”.

The lyrics to the chorus of ‘Swine’ say, ‘I know you want me, you’re just a pig inside a human body’.

Speaking about the song in an interview with Marina Abramovic in V magazine, she said: "The idea of something so dark and something so awful and perverted that at a young age you don't really understand. And you don't want to know and understand it. And then, as I'm older, I understand the intenseness of the experiences that I went through. They have affected and changed who I am now.”

Gaga isn’t the only popstar to speak out about sexual abuse in the music industry, after it was reported this week that Kesha has filed a lawsuit against her music producer, Dr Luke, claiming he has abused her sexually and emotionally over the past ten years, which he vehemently denies.

V Magazine, Fall 2013

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