Ukip Calypso Song Mercilessly Mocked On Twitter And Rightly So

Ukip Calypso Mercilessly Mocked On Twitter And Rightly So

Something odd has happened. Something very odd indeed.

Veteran DJ Mike Read - who famously banned Frankie Goes To Hollywood's 'Relax' during his time at Radio One - has recorded a calypso inspired musical ode to Ukip. Yes, really.

As well as making the terrifying prediction that Nigel Farage will one day be PM, it also warns of "illegal immigrants in every town".

Needless to say, it has been met with a certain level of bemusement on Twitter.

And just down-right horror.

It is truly terrible.

The irony of using calypso as a vehicle to carry their message has not gone unnoticed.

The rather dubious lyrics have been questioned.

And the pronunciation.

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But credit where credit's due.

And maybe it will work where the AV referendum failed.

It could have its moments, perhaps.

Is Read making a career out of this?

Probably not...

But he may be inspiring others.

Oh bravo Simon, bravo...

But it's not a patch on the old guard.

We eagerly await the reaction from the other parties.

And here's the defence...

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