Rogue Drone Spirals Out Of Control During Beautiful Utah Video

This Drone Video Only Gets Good When It Goes Wrong

YouTuber and drone enthusiast 'Every Angle Films' can see the bright side of life, which is just as well because by the looks of his YouTube page he spends a large amount of time watching incredibly expensive drones crash into Utah's mountains.

His latest incident has to be his 'best' so far with the DJI drone serenely passing over the canyons while his brand-new 4K-enabled GoPro Hero 4 Black captured the surrounding landscape.

Naturally things then go wrong, and they go wrong in a big way. The drone picks up speed and fires itself at the side of the mountain before wildly spinning as it plummets to the ground.

While it looks like the drone was a goner, the camera survived to serve as a stark lesson for the rest of us that while they can be fun and useful, drones are also potentially one dodgy wire connection away from turning into high-speed projectiles with blades attached.

It should come as absolutely no surprise then that here in the UK, the pilots association Balpa has just issued a stern warning that there should be strict regulations in place before commercial drones are allowed into UK airspace.

"Large unmanned aircraft, when they come, should be as safe as manned aircraft and the British public should be fully consulted before companies fly large, remotely-piloted aircraft over their homes alongside passenger planes."


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