Installations have now reportedly appeared on the Isle of Wight and in the US, Romania, and the Netherlands.
It follows sightings in Utah and Romania in recent days. Is it aliens? An advertising agency? A band?
Kyle Burgess said he'd stumbled upon the mountain lion's cubs during a trail run in Utah's Slate Canyon.
District attorney Sim Gill has been accused of elevating charges against protesters who broke windows and splashed red paint on his office building.
The substitute teacher reportedly told the 11-year-old it was wrong for two men to live together.
Researchers unearthed intact remains of phytosaurs — ancient crocodile-like animals — in federal land, but it's now at risk.
Romney says Utah “has a lot to teach the politicians in Washington.”
What do you think about a man having more than one wife? Polygamy is a controversial subject and the idea of a plural marriage
First light is the best time to take pictures, and on our road trip stop off at Zion National Park, a chilly dawn found us at Overlook Point, my husband Rob and his tripod hovering on the edge of a 1,000 foot drop.
Like many Scots, I love to holiday in the United States. it's a big country and there's a lot to see. I have a precious 15 year old Baedeker guidebook, the pages falling out with overuse. In the flyleaf of the book is a tiny map of the entire country with around a dozen sites picked out.