Google Maps Has A Giant Cat Hidden Inside It


This is either the very dedicated work of a normal citizen like you and us or it's the very simple -- but equally as mischievous -- work of a Google employee.

Either way, there was a giant cat drawn onto the map of Auckland, New Zealand, and there the giant cat did stay for quite some time.

Once discovered the crudely drawn animal quickly went viral with Google denying all knowledge of the fake feline and confirming that they would be investigating the issue.

Soon after the cat disappeared leaving the internet without a much-loved easter egg.

The question that remains however is how the cat got there in the first place. Some are posturing that the cat was drawn by a Google employee who wanted to make their mark on the planet.

Another theory is that the cat is in fact user-added thanks Google's feature which lets you 'draw' hiking trails. Of course that would then make this a seriously dedicated piece of work as each hiking trail is only approved when rated and review by other users.

However if you have enough friends and can find a place secluded enough, then drawing a giant cat isn't as hard as you might have originally thought.

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