Kyle Burgess said he'd stumbled upon the mountain lion's cubs during a trail run in Utah's Slate Canyon.
The two men and a woman apparently ignored warnings to not attempt the difficult hike.
Have you heard about 'gqomtherapy' yet?
Don't bother with the Hilton. Avoid the Marriot. Nothing beats looking out of your tent on a clear night and seeing millions of stars in the sky. It offers a tonne more flexibility- often you can choose a place that suits you. For summer, tents can be less than one kilogram, and a great lightweight sleeping bag can be 450g. I find it's almost always worth it.
It has crossed my mind many times that it would be much easier to just not tell people I have epilepsy. But there is always that chance of a seizure, and the risk of something going wrong - or someone doing something wrong - is reduced if we all talk about epilepsy a little bit more and encourage people with epilepsy to do more. If I've decided I can take the risk, you can too.
everybody banner A few hundred years ago, people would have thought I was touched by God or the Devil. I probably would have been burnt as a witch. Luckily for me, I was born in this century so I was diagnosed with epilepsy instead.
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In the past, we planned our routes based on optimistic assumptions about conditions, terrain and our own fitness levels. This led to some good adventures (and plenty of blisters), but not to toddler-friendly situations. Key lesson: don't over-reach.
This southern coast of Crete is far more rugged than the north. In some places the mountains come so close to the Libyan Sea that there's no room for a road inbetween, and a few villages are only accessible by boat or footpath, or by one road in and out.