Cadbury's Cancel Chocolate Coins, May As Well Have Cancelled Christmas

Cadbury's have announced they will no longer make their iconic, delicious and oh-so-Christmassy chocolate coins any more.

We'll just let that sink in...

The confectioners - who were bought out by Kraft in 2009 - blamed cheaper own-brand version for the decision as well as the loss of branding power ever since they lost the rights to their distinctive purple colour.

A spokesman said: "We are sorry to see the coins go, but that's business."

What's more, they tried to assuage people's anger by recommending non-coin related confectionary.

And by anger, we mean serious emotions.

Your hollow 'Lol' isn't fooling anyone Adam, we know you're hurting.

Some people identified a worrying Cadbury's confectionary conspiracy.

There is serious debate over whether or not the cancelling of Christmas coins is in fact the cancelling of Christmas itself.

And then it escalated. Dramatically.

Therapists across the country were presumably inundated with calls of people trying to remember the innocence of childhood.

it wasn't long before people were looking for who was to blame and attention quickly settled on...

That's right, it's Kraft's fault. And they're being blamed for a lot.

David succinctly summed up the mood of a nation.

But amongst the devastation was some hope. There were those who recognised the value in other gold-coin brands.

So what does the future hold?

It's too early to tell folks, simply too early to tell.

But perhaps the revolution has started...

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