Woman Secretly Films Herself Being Catcalled By Men, She's Now Getting Online Rape Threats

An actress has worn a hidden camera to show how often women get catcalled on the street by men.

For 10 hours, Shoshana Roberts walked around New York City silently, dressed in an understated black T-shirt and jeans.

During the course of the day she received a total 100 catcalls. That's one every six minutes, how exhausting.

The video was filmed by the anti-street harassment group Hollaback! , and has already been viewed more than one million times in just 24 hours.

So far, so emancipating.

Until you learn that, since the video's release, Shoshana has allegedly received rape threats online.

In the video, when Shoshana fails to reply to her 'admirers', some men even had the audacity to tell her that she should be grateful for their 'compliments':

"Hey, what's up girl? How you doing?

"Somebody's acknowledging you for being beautiful...

"You should say thank you more!"

Writing on Hollaback!'s website, Shoshana said: "I'm harassed when I smile and I’m harassed when I don't. I'm harassed by white men, black men, latino men. Not a day goes by when I don't experience this."

So, next time you hear some victim-blaming nitwit say that women are "asking for it", flip them the bird and show them this video.

...And maybe this tweet.

And how did you meet your husband?

"He shouted something sexually aggressive at me from a van and we just went from there really."

— Rhys James (@rhysjamesy) September 28, 2014