street harassment

Forces to log incidents from this autumn, pending possible change to wider law.
Lambeth Anti-Harassment Campaign spent months trying to meet their local councillors to talk about street safety before Sarah Everard's disappearance.
Not only is it scary to think the men who catcalled me could assault me – what if they have coronavirus and pass it on? Kate Plummer writes.
Women tell HuffPost UK they're still experiencing street harassment during the rare times they do leave the house.
Street harassment is a power trip; people who engage in it do so because they think runners are easy targets.
Harassment of people outside abortion clinics is a national problem and needs a national solution, Marie Stopes managing director Richard Bentley writes.
Open letter to police chiefs comes as Labour MP Jess Phillips will table amendments to legislation to outlaw upskirting.
I'm guessing if you hadn't safely been locked in your van and instead passed me in the street you probably wouldn't have said a thing. But your catcall was just another reminder that as a woman I could be just one step away from a stranger accosting me in the street, one step away from a sexual assault and, god forbid, a step away from rape and my life being in danger.
Wolf-whistling is not designed to flatter women, it's about power and control. Fail to respond to a wolf-whistler and most women will recognise what happens next. From cries of Alright love or Give us a smile to Miserable bitch a woman who attempts to ignore unwanted attention is failing to play the game, be grateful and submit to a male's advances. See where this is heading?