Occupy Hong Kong Protests Have Been Around So Long They Now Appear On Google Maps

Occupy HK, the Hong Kong pro-democracy movement, is still filling the streets of the city kinda-state even as the torturous process of negotiation and intimidation drags on in the halls of power.

In fact it's now been going on so long that the protest actually appears in Google Maps.

It was pointed out on Twitter that the movement seems to show up on the south side of the city in aerial pictures taken earlier this year:

It is possible that the pictures actually show another festival or street gathering and not the Occupy movement, however, and there are no specific dates available on when the pictures were taken.

But if true it's an intriguing glimpse into how the calls for greater democracy are becoming a permanent fixture on Hong Kong's streets, as well as the private thoughts of many of its citizens.

Still, here is the map so you can see for yourself: