Nasa's 'Witch Head Nebula' Is Wonderfully Spooky

For all its Moon-walking, Space Station-building and planet discovering achievements, Nasa does have a habit of posting images of things in space that sort-of, but don't, look like other things.

Except for this one.

This picture of a star-forming nebula in deep space is nicknamed the Witch Head Nebula - because that's exactly what it looks like.

Nasa posted the picture on Halloween, after it was taken by its Wide-Field Infrared Survey Explorer.

The picture was made using infrared light, meaning the colours are false, but has otherwise not been edited.

The nebula is located hundreds of light years away in Orion.

Nasa said:

"WISE was recently "awakened" to hunt for asteroids in a program called NEOWISE. The reactivation came after the spacecraft was put into hibernation in 2011, when it completed two full scans of the sky, as planned."