London Bus Explodes In Street Sending Panicked Passengers Fleeing

A London bus exploded sending a flaming tyre shooting across a busy street just moments after it's terrified passengers had escaped.

Luckily for those on board, a passing police officer spotted flames coming from a rear wheel and alerted the driver to the danger.

Witnesses described a "massive explosion" that shot flames "10 metres across the street".

Photojournalist Morshed Alam, 32, told the Evening Standard: "Its amazing no one was hurt.

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"A crowd had formed, some of them must have been the passengers, and police were telling everyone to stay back.

"The fire was getting bigger and suddenly there was a huge explosion. It sounded like a giant gun shot. People started screaming and stepped back, panicking."

The cause of the fire is under investigation but is not thought to be suspicious.