Student Becky Hopper Petitions Topshop To Use Different Mannequins After 'Size 10' Scandal

A student has started a petition urging Topshop to use a diverse range of mannequins - after her picture of a "size 10" model went viral.

Becky Hopper tweeted a picture of her friend Georgia Bibby, who is a size 8 to 10, standing next to a stick-thin Topshop mannequin. After her post was retweeted thousands of times, Topshop issued a statement saying the mannequin was a size 10 - but the store's response left Hopper unsatisfied.

A spokesperson for Topshop said: "The mannequin in question has been used in stores the past four years and is based on a standard UK size 10. The overall height, at 187cm, is taller than the average girl and the form is a stylised one to have more impact in store and create a visual focus.

"Mannequins are made from solid fibreglass, so in order for clothing to fit, the form of the mannequins needs to be of certain dimensions to allow clothing to be put on and removed; this is therefore not meant to be a representation of the average female body."

On the petition, Hopper says: "Many people find the company’s response insulting and far from sufficient. In the photo, Georgia is in fact wearing a Topshop size 10 pair of jeans — which further highlights the difference."