Top 15 Christmas Toys 2014: Best Gifts For Children

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Parents: if you're feeling overwhelmed by the thousands of toys your department store catalogue has to offer this Christmas, you've certainly come to the right place.

From tech toys - we're looking at you Boomer the robot dinosaur - to Disney merchandise - we reckon the Elsa doll (from Disney's Frozen) is a sell-out waiting to happen - there's plenty to get excited about.

Then again, there's also plenty to be stressed about. The joys of parenting...

Snow Glow Elsa (£34.99)

Christmas Gift Guide: Best Children's Toys

Top tips for children's Christmas shopping:

:: Don't go overboard with toys - next year you'll just have to beat this year's number (Dudley Dursley-style).

:: Balance out the gifts - invest in a couple of really special toys and then bulk out the rest with a selection of stocking fillers. Kids love unwrapping things so even small packets of chocolate, glow in the dark stars and sticker sets are exciting.

:: If you're buying online, don't leave it until last minute. Order them by the first week of December at the latest.

:: Search for voucher codes before you buy online - you'd be surprised at how much money you can save.

:: Don't rule out joint presents for your children - that garden swing set, playhouse or Xbox could be the best present they receive. Plus it encourages sharing.