Daily Mail Sandwich Headline Sparks Snack Based Twitter Frenzy

On Monday the Daily Mail peaked with one of the most gloriously over the top headlines in the history of forever.

That's right, they're lamenting the death of all things sandwich related in this once fine country of ours.

And they might have point as it appears many people have in fact zero idea of what constitutes a bread-based snack.

Take Paul. He hasn't got a clue.

Surely everyone knows you have to skin it first.

Nope. Close but nope.

How have these people even reached adulthood?


Top marks for ambition.

Just shabby cutting skills.

Vintage indeed.

So close! Just one step away from glory!

There there Karla...

There's always one.

This is just plain dangerous.


Ooh, didn't see this in the original.

Apparently some people think this dearth of sandwich-making ability is the appropriate time to make jokes.