Women Share Selfies Of What They Wore When They Got Catcalled (Clue: They Weren't 'Asking For It')


When a woman is catcalled, 99.9% of the time people want to know what she was wearing. As if wearing a short skirt or a skimpy top on the street means she was "asking for it".

In reality it doesn't matter what a woman is wearing, she has the right to walk down the street without being harassed by men.

Kati Heng grew so sick and tired of the victim-blaming status quo that she decided to take a stand. She set up But What Was She Wearing?, a Tumblr documenting what women really wear when they get catcalled.

"I was finding myself getting so upset about the amount of street harassment I get, and knew I had to do something with it besides letting the anger build," she told HuffPost UK Lifestyle.

"One day, I got cat called in the slubbiest outfit and thought 'man, if guys knew what I was ACTUALLY wearing when this happened...' And then it all clicked."


Unsurprisingly the majority of women are wearing regular clothes when they get harassed in the streets, but even if they were wearing skimpy clothing - it doesn't warrant getting hollered at by men.

Heng's aim is to get people to forget about what women were wearing and start focusing on their stories. Because at the end of the day they are victims. And they've had enough.

Women share what they wore when they got catcalled

[H/T Buzzfeed]

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