'It’s not right that girls and young women should feel afraid.'
Teenage girls are living in fear of being followed by a stranger, with many experiencing intimidating catcalling by men while
'There are a lot of times you don’t feel safe.'
Women on Reddit have been sharing the highs and lows of daily life that they believe most men are unaware of. While some
I'm not an advocate of criminal damage or vandalism. I'd also like to think I'm above the whole 'an eye for an eye' thing. But when a woman is accosted or grabbed by a stranger, does that not also constitute vandalism and violence?
It is a truth universally acknowledged that if you are a young woman in 2016 you are unlikely to have crossed the road, queued for a club, tried to buy a drink or sat on public transport without at some point having a stranger compliment you on your smile, breasts or legs.
10. Cycling To Work “Lucky saddle you got there.”  Joanna Lumley may take wolf-whistling as a “compliment” but for a lot
Amsterdam is a strange city. One's most debauched and warped fantasies are not, as they should be to one with decidedly English sensibilities...
It just so happens that Monday was the first time I'd walked home to my new flat by myself. Usually my other half walks by my side, but for whatever reason on Monday he didn't. And that just so happened to be the day when a menacing man decided to aggressively catcall me.