'Drunk Girl In Public' Video - Is It Real Or Fake?


Hot on the high heels of Hollaback!'s catcalling video comes another social experiment, this one features a very drunk young woman approaching men for directions, men who invariably try to take advantage.

The woman, who is an actress, pretends to be drunk and approaches different guys to ask them where the nearest bus stop is.

Four out of the five men she approaches try to steer her towards their bedrooms.

The second man appears genuinely concerned and appears to usher her to the bus stop. But while the last man seems to be a good Samaritan and save her from the clammy grasp of another man, but he eventually ends up trying to get her to his house.

Many people commenting on YouTube and social media believe the video to be a fake. We know that the woman is certainly acting and, by the looks of things, the men might be too. HuffPost UK Lifestyle have contacted the creator, Stephen Zhang, to confirm.

But whether the video is fake or not, can we still learn from it? Let us know in the comments below...

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