Glow Stick In Microwave Stunt Has Somewhat Obvious Results

For Gods Sake Don't Put A Glow Stick In The Microwave Like This Kid Did

In case you were wondering what happens to a glow stick when you put it in the microwave, this kid has investigated on behalf of all of us.

We’ll leave it to you to watch the clip but the general advice is not to put one in the microwave, not to shake it vigorously afterwards and not to hold it close to your face.

Predictably chaos ensures, with the teenager’s father rushing to his rescue while screaming: “Goddamnit Jack! Come here, I have no clue what to do with this. God I told you not to mess with it.”

Seconds from disaster...

As Jack wails and stumbles about his worried and exasperated father screeches: "I said don't microwave it, don't screw around and what do you do - with a beautiful shirt on - and you get it in your eyes.

"Can you ever listen? I have to see what to do you dingaling!... Not to mention it’s all over your awesome shirt!”

(When is a shirt ever *that* awesome?)

Luckily for Jack, the chemical inside most glow sticks – dibutyl phthalate – is low in toxicity and only causes minor irritation if swallowed or put into contact with the eyes.

Medical advice is to flush the eye out with water for at least 10 minutes and seek help if irritation persists.

What’s more, the poster who uploaded the video assures us Jack is fine.

All the best Jack. Please don't do that again.

And Here You Go.

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