Nigel Farage To Get 'Grilling' From 'Gogglebox' Couple Steph And Dom? UKIP Leader 'To Appear On Couple's Spinoff Series'

Nigel Farage is used to getting a grilling in tough interviews… but how will he fare in the company of everyone’s favourite ‘Gogglebox’ couple, Steph and Dom?

Yes, you read that correctly, the UKIP leader is to “get p*ssed” with the Parkers, when their own spinoff series, ‘At Home With Steph and Dom’, launches next year, according to reports.

Dom and Steph

In an interview in the new issue of Radio Times, Channel 4’s chief creative officer Jay Hunt explains that the new series will be a “rip-roaring alcohol-fuelled watch”, which will see the ‘Gogglebox’ stars chatting to Farage when he stays at their B&B in Kent.

Farage was seen drinking near the couple's home earlier this year

Rumours that the controversial politician could be making an appearance on a future series of ‘Gogglebox’ first began circulating this summer, after he was seen drinking at a local pub near where Steph and Dom live in Sandwich.

Farage is the UKIP representative for the couple’s constituency in South Thanet, where he hopes to become an MP in the 2015 General Election.

His appearance on ‘At Home With Steph And Dom’ is thought to be airing in May, shortly before the election, though a spokesperson for Channel 4 has insisted that they will be adhering to the strict impartiality guidelines with their broadcast.

Last month, ‘Gogglebox’ had its first ever celebrity guests, when Naomi Campbell, Kate Moss and Noel Gallagher were seen watching ‘The X Factor’ together as part of a ‘Stand Up To Cancer’ special.