Katie Hopkins 'Tweets Palestinians Are Filthy Rodents'

Calls For Katie Hopkins' Arrest After Most Controversial Tweets Yet

Even by the normal standards of Katie Hopkins, her latest rants are quite something.

The unofficial winner of Rent-A-Gob 2013/14 appears to have posted a series of tweets accusing Muslim men of being wife-beaters and calling Palestinians "filthy rodents".

It's not clear if Hopkins posted the comments herself or if her account was hacked but they remain on her timeline at the time of writing.

They appear to be in response to the wave of violence that has swept Israel and the Occupied territories in the last week in which a number of Israelis have been killed and injured in stabbing attacks and hit and runs.

Another tweet was in reference to a Channel 4 show, '24 Hours in Police Custody'.

Some have called for the former Apprentice contestant to face criminal charges.

Hopkins appears to be unfazed by the whole incident and by Wednesday morning was back at it tweeting her support for Dapper Laughs and Ched Evans.

And so the backlash continued...


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