12/11/2014 12:17 GMT | Updated 12/11/2014 12:59 GMT

The Rise And Fall Of Dapper Laughs: How It Happened

Mark Robert Milan via Getty Images
LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM - APRIL 24: Dapper Laughs attending the Stealing Banksy? VIP event at the ME Hotel on April 24, 2014 in London, England. (Photo by Mark Robert Milan/GC Images)

She knows. Proper moist. Sadly, these 'catchphrases' have now been consigned to the dustbin of 'comedy', as Daniel O'Reilly, The Artist Formerly Known As Dapper Laughs, has announced that his 'character' is no more.

Here's how it happened, in 11 steps...

Dapper Laughs: The rise and fall


Dapper Laughs: The rise and fall