A Depressing Number Of People Think NASA Landed On The Comet, Not ESA

The European Space Agency (ESA) landed on a comet on Wednesday in a remarkable first for space exploration.


Unfortunately it's almost a default to attribute any space innovation to the American space agency. And why? All they did was put a man on the Moon, maintain the bulk of a human habitat above Earth for 14 years and lead the effort to take us to Mars! Pah!

As a result a depressingly high number of people on Twitter think America just landed on a comet, not Europe.

(NB: NASA did have a role in the Rosetta mission (see below) just not a central one.)

For NASA's part it did obviously - and rightly - trumpet its part in the Rosetta mission:

But it also did the right thing and spent a good part of the day telling Twitter users that ESA, not itself, was behind Rosetta: