7 Questions All Interns Ask Themselves

7 Questions All Interns Ask Themselves
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Whether you're a keen student or stay-at-home graduate you'll soon come to learn internships become a bit, well, samey.

Even if you spend time in a number of jobs that seem entirely different, parallels will start to stick out faster than typos as you're manning the Twitter account.

So we've rounded up the top questions all interns ask themselves while slaving away at the behest of their employers. And if these don't sound familiar? Well, then you're not doing it right.

1. How much is TOO much coffee?

One to wake you up. One to settle you down when you've arrive. That's two. One during your break? Okay, that's three. You've got to have one just after midday to keep the hunger away. That's how it works, right? But now it's lunchtime. Surely you can't say no to your favourite steeply-priced, curiously-flavoured, double-strengthed, caffeinated cup of slush with an added, unspecified, sugary syrup when you're picking up the same bland panini that you've already purchased twice this week. Is there a helpline for this?

2 So... when am I meant to go home?

It's late in the day but everybody else still seems to be working. Not so much yourself. You aren't necessarily being paid to sit there. Does this mean you can go home? Neither, however, would you want to give off the impression that you are some sort of layabout shyster. Maybe you can sneak out while they're all busy tweeting.

3 How did my boss want their tea made, again?

Alternatively: How long can you get away with toddling about in the kitchen? It may take three full minutes to locate the mugs. And - of course - you'll need to pick out the right one. You're here to impress. But if you take too long you might end up forgetting the order.

4 What has happened to - all - of my free time?

It doesn't really matter how close you live, or how early you manage to slip away. Your free time will be heavily restricted and there's nothing you can do about it. And once you've grown used to keeping a nine-to-five-or-six-or-sometimes-seven schedule you might feel you could really do with the three precious hours between stumbling into your home passing out in bed.

5 Is there something I can do for you that's a teeny bit less soul-destroying?

As great as data entry is... No. I take that back. There's nothing worse... give or take.

6 What have I been doing for the last three hours?

This can work in two ways: Either you have been tremendously productive, or, more likely, you have been browsing Buzzfeed all day. Although you may be fully up-to-date with the day's news and/or animal gifs, that probably won't bode well when your superior grills your later on.

7 Where are we going with this?

You might feel as if your placement's somewhat leading you on; teasing you with the prospect of full-time work only to snatch the dream away if you don't quite make the cut. Most internships do lead to meatier opportunities, in one way or another, and that the very least a solid contact you can pester from time to time.

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