Starting over in the working world doesn't have to be a daunting experience, in fact if you think of it as 'evolving' rather than changing your career, you might just approach the opportunity with renewed vigour.
The myth that unpaid labour looks good on the CVs of workers in creative industries has become an increasingly persuasive means of guilt-tripping young people into working for free.
An intern who fell asleep on the first day of his new job has become an internet sensation after his co-workers snapped a
A teenager who worked for 10 weeks in a local corner shop so he could save money to buy Christmas presents for his family
Two weeks ago, the first radio station I worked at was turned off with little fuss and little attention...
Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen's company Dualstar is reportedly being sued by a group of almost 40 interns. The current and former
People are rather perturbed by The Guardian's announcement it would be putting on a summer school for teenagers - and charging
Talented health professionals from across the world are our greatest hope for realising the universal right to health in an increasingly challenging world. For this to happen, equitable access to global health training is essential. For if WHO is to be a truly global guardian of health, its workforce, and thus its interns, must be global too.
A Labour election candidate has denied claims he is paying young workers £4 a day to campaign for him. The Sun reported a
This Liberal Democrat intern in Oxford may have possibly won April Fools' Day. On reflection, it could be an Inception-style