Intern Falls Asleep At Work, Becomes Internet Meme - But Manages To Keep His Job

An intern who fell asleep on the first day of his new job has become an internet sensation after his co-workers snapped a picture of the slumbering man and shared it online.

Luckily for the intern, his colleagues had a sense of humour, and he posted the image on Reddit, along with the reassurance that he had not been fired for his snooze.

The original image

“One of the associates noticed me sleeping,” he told The Huffington Post. “And it just went downhill from there!”

And, he had a valid excuse, too.

“I have been diagnosed with anemia, as shown by my amazing skin color, that causes me to be ultra sleepy.” he added.

Luckily, like all great things on Reddit, a PhotoShop battle ensued, with some fantastic results.

Reddit photoshop battle