14/11/2014 04:27 GMT | Updated 15/11/2014 17:59 GMT

'Faked' Rosetta Comet Landing 'Hoax' Claims Appear Online, Obviously


UPDATE: As several readers have pointed out, the Landover Baptist Church is a parody site. Clearly we should have realised that. Apologies.

Humanity landed on a comet. It was amazing.

And yet inevitably there are a depressing - though still very tiny - amount of people who think the European Space Agency faked the whole thing.

On various corners of the web, the same old conspiracy theorists are emerging with eyebrows raised, claiming that the landing was set up, faked with computers and promoted around the world because... something something.

Take this guy - Lord Steven Christ - a man who either believes, or plays a genuinely inscrutable character on YouTube who professes to believe, that the planet Earth is actually a concave ball, and that a tiny 'universe' exists at its centre. His video on the 'conspiracy' suggests that the comet landing is just another attempt to fool people into believing the universe exists and stuff:

Beneath the video dozens of supporters agree that the comet landing was faked:

"They say they wanted to anchor in it…" says one. "So ridiculous. Even to tell lies they should have a bit more of imagination."

  • Another claims that landing on the comet would be impossible because "light is only visible with an atmosphere", a theory which is wrong in every important respect.
  • Another writes: "Yep I just love the 1 picture we have. What a great achievement, mass media brainwash. Flea lands on tennis ball - Tennis achieved... "

In another video, a non-believer claims that he has exposed the hoax based on the fact that the comet lander travelled 4 billion miles, but the signal took only half an hour to reach Earth. He points out that this should have actually taken six hours. Of course he is right, except that the comet lander spent most of that 4 billion miles circling around the inner solar system and is now just a fraction of that distance away from Earth.

Elsewhere, on various extreme Christian websites, some make the claim that "The European Atheists" invented the landing in order to try and kill god, or something.

One writes:

"During the last few days we have been bombarded with Eurotrash hype about an alleged "landing on a comet" with the obscure name "67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko". There's been a "spacecraft" Rosetta that they claim has traversed the Void and made rendezvous with this object... The media has gone ballistic about this obvious hoax"

"All Christians should actively follow these hoaxes in order to be able to inform the public and our children of these dangerous developments. Of course, this does not exclude hearty laughter to mock the idiotic attempts of scientists to invent ridiculous stuff. Jesus will show them eventually that all this can only lead to damnation!"

Everywhere else on the internet, the vast majority of people revelled in the dramatic scientific achievement of landing on a comet for real, which is what happened.

Carry on.