Shocking Footage Shows Man Narrowly Escape Death In Car Accident

This is the terrifying moment a pedestrian had a brush with death in Zhejiang Province, China.

The harrowing CCTV footage shows a man walking across a busy intersection, when two cars coming from different directions swerve to avoid a head-on collision.

As the vehicles scarcely avoid each other, a fully laden truck barrels through the middle, smashing into one of the cars and sending them skidding towards the strolling gent.

At the instant the flatbed truck looks ready to topple over, the lucky chap jolts into action and avoids certain death.

"Luckily, when [the truck] was going to turn over, its driver did some operation to save it from turning aside. If the truck turned on its side, the pedestrian may have been covered over," said local traffic officer Yang Hui.

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