International Men's Day: What Advice Do Our HuffPost Men Have For Their 15-Year-Old Selves?

Owen Luther via Getty Images

It was evident to us that an urgent conversation needed to be had around men, whether that was to do with dating and relationships, depression, loneliness, body image and the pursuit of happiness.

So we launched HuffPost Men at the beginning of the month, a section where yes, you could read about oddities such as lumbersexuals, but you could also find some in-depth original reporting around issues that really mattered to men, but were rarely talked about.

A big part of this legacy is also about mentoring younger men, and showing them a roadmap to figuring out their lives amid the chaos of so many different opinions about what makes a man.

This year, International Men's Day is dedicated to that idea.

So in keeping with the idea of passing down pearls of wisdom in a non-judgemental, frank and funny way, our HuffPost editors took the time to share what they'd tell their 15-year-old selves and what they've learned since then...

Advice HuffPost Editors Would Give Their 15-Year-Old Selves