Lance Armstrong Takes On The Beer Mile And Fails Spectacularly

File photo dated 04/07/2010 of Lance Armstrong.
File photo dated 04/07/2010 of Lance Armstrong.
John Giles/PA Archive

Disgraced former Tour de France champ Lance Armstrong is no stranger to competing under the influence and appears to have taken up a new sport.

The Beer Mile involves running four times around a standard 400m running track with participants knocking back a small can of beer between laps.

Armstrong was hoping to qualify for the Flotrack Beer Mile World Championship to be held in Austin, Texas next month. The sportsman, who was banned from pro-cycling in 2012, had his hopes of a return to glory dashed when he fell at the first hurdle. Fellow competitors claim the ex-cyclist started poorly with his chug #1 and failed to keep up in the first leg of the race.

The 43-year-old started his Beer Mile attempt with a Budweiser and struggled to maintain pace in his first circuit. Upon opening the second can, his race was already over.

"He drank Budweiser Heavy from a 12oz can, no widemouth, following strict international Beer Mile standards" said opponent Patrick Hitchins, who completed the Mile in 6:08. Referring to one of the sponsors who dropped Armstrong in 2012, he added: "Perhaps his days with Michelob Ultra Lite put him at a disadvantage."

That particular beverage was chosen in compliance with strict regulations which say participants must drink cans or bottles no less than 330ml and a minimum of 5% ABV.

The Livestrong founder's failure disappointed spectators, with one eyewitness telling Flotrack that Armstrong could have had a chance to set a time record for his age group.

The World Championships will take place on December 3rd. United States Olympic 800m runner Nick Symmonds is taking part, but Armstrong will be watching from the crowd.