Meet Breastfeeding Dad Trevor MacDonald

Transgender Dad Who Gave Birth Is Able To Breastfeed His Child

Trevor MacDonald is a transgender parent. He gave birth in 2012 after taking a break from testosterone therapy. Due to his breast removal surgery, it was unclear if he would be able to breastfeed.

In a blog for The Huffington Post, Trevor told how he started attending breastfeeding support groups to learn more. After struggling to effectively latch, baby Jacob eventually became able and began gaining sustenance from his father's milk.

When Jacob was 4-days-old, his parents noticed that he wasn't gaining weight adequately because Trevor could not lactate enough. This led the pair to invest in a Supplemental Nursing System, which involves a tube connected to a supplemental bottle of milk. The baby is latched to the tube as well as the nipple, allowing the child to consume milk from both the breast and the SNS.

The process worked so well that Trevor and his partner Ian decided to conceive again. Just a few weeks ago Trevor gave birth to his second child.

In this interview with HuffPost Live, MacDonald speaks about his unique parenting experience and breastfeeds his newborn the entire way through.

Trevor has been an advocate for La Leche League since giving birth and blogs for trans parents and potential trans parents at MilkJunkies.