Islamic State Hostage John Cantlie Appears In Seventh Propaganda Video 'Report'

Islamic State Release Fresh Propaganda Video Featuring John Cantlie

A seventh propaganda video featuring British hostage John Cantlie has been released by Islamic State (IS). The photojournalist delivers an apparently-scripted message from behind a desk wearing an orange jumpsuit in the latest episode in a series titled Lend Me Your Ears.

The clip, which lasts for almost nine minutes, includes the 43-year-old photojournalist giving an account of what he claims was a failed rescue attempt by American forces in July. Cantlie also says he has accepted "long ago" that his fate is "overwhelmingly likely" to be the same as other captives.

Introducing the latest instalment, he says: "In this programme I will tell you about a failed raid to rescue us and how it feels to be left for dead by your own government." Mr Cantlie goes on to claim that the Americans staged an "incredibly complex, risky and expensive" attempt to rescue hostages in July.

He said: "The raid involved two dozen Delta Force commandos, several Black Hawk helicopters, gunships, Predator drones, F18 Hornet Jets and refuelling aircraft. It took weeks of rehearsals and must have cost tens of millions to perform - but we weren't there. The Islamic State, anticipating such a move, just put us into cars and moved us to another prison days beforehand."

Freelance British photojournalist John Cantlie poses with a Free Syrian Army rebel before he was captured

Britain and America are accused in the video of taking military action rather than negotiating the release of hostages through options such as ransom payments. We were left to die. It's the worst feeling in the world being left behind like that," Mr Cantlie says.

Towards the end of the video, he says: "I will continue to speak out against this military action... for as long as the mujahideen allow me to live." In another section, he says: "Long ago I accepted that my fate will overwhelmingly likely be the same as my cellmates - and I'm angry about it."

It is the seventh production featuring Mr Cantlie released online by IS. Most have followed the same pattern as the latest video, but last month the group released footage purporting to show him in the embattled Syrian city of Kobani. A Foreign Office spokesman said: "We are aware of a further video and are analysing its contents."

Mr Cantlie's father Paul, 80, died from complications following pneumonia last month. His sister, Jessica Cantlie, has previously appealed for "direct contact" with the militants holding him. Since August, IS has filmed and posted online the deaths of four Western hostages.

UK aid workers Alan Henning and David Haines and American journalists James Foley and Steven Sotloff were beheaded on camera by the jihadi organisation, which is also known as Isis or Isil.

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