Ferguson Looters Smash And Steal Right In Front Of The World's Press

The American town of Ferguson is ablaze after the white police officer that shot unarmed black teenager Michael Brown was told he would not face prosecution.

In the wake of the judgement, violence broke out and shops, car lots and police cars were torched.

While many were perhaps justifiably angry at the verdict others seemed to be more interested in taking advantage of the lack of law and order.

Shops across the town fell victim to looters but many appeared to forget that the eyes of the world's media were on them.

Let's start with a special mention to this man who quite brazenly stole a crossbow.

Yup, that's right.

It's all got a bit 'Hunger Games'.

And there were more...

This fella might want to get a bigger mask.

Hope those crisps are worth it.

This guy smashing the window of a liquor store.

Recognise any of these faces?

Maybe they're rebuilding materials...

Any one of these guys...

These guys might be a bit more difficult to track.

To really get an idea of the scale of the looting watch this video...

And don't forget looters, this is what happens when you get caught.

Oh, and spare a thought for the folk who have to clean up the mess.

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