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10 Amazing Drawings Made On Microsoft Surface

Step aside the humble pencil. Take five, the venerable brush. The modern artist’s tool of choice has become the digital pen.

As the art world embraces the computer screen as its ideal showcase, both digital and traditional artists are joining the movement by picking up the digital pen and exhibiting their creations all across the cyber galleries.

With Microsoft Surface Pro 3 widely accepted as the perfect device to create digital masterpieces that can capture the essence of traditional drawing, we take a look at a few sketches by artists – both professional and beginners – who are using the tablet to make the kind of images we only ever saw created in sketchbooks.

“A pen can be very one-dimensional whereas the different pen types on the Surface Pro 3 can offer you more choice; it’s just like another tool to use," says Jiro Bevis, the latest artist to move from the traditional drawing board to the digital canvas. "It’s getting the balance between the tech and non-tech that usually makes good illustration.”

The future of art is being redrawn as speak. If you get inspired by the following examples, pick up a pen and tablet and show us what you're made of! Also, be sure to keep tabs on the #SurfaceCreate hub, where top creatives will be keeping log of their adventures with Surface Pro 3.

 Lookouts by Mike Krahulik

10 Amazing Drawings Made On Microsoft Surface