Scientists Propose Free 'Super Wifi' That Would Cover The UK

Scientists Want To Turn The UK Into A Giant WiFi Hotspot

Scientists from the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology have proposed the idea that old unused TV spectrums could be turned into a massive 'Super WiFi' network that would provide free internet to the UK.

The research suggests that governments around the world (including the UK) could use existing TV spectrums that have are no longer in use to create a fast, powerful WiFi network that would cover the entire country.

This 'Super WiFi' would have a number of significant benefits over the WiFi we find in our homes; it would be far more powerful, giving it a range of over 10 kilometres. It would also be immune to the same physical barriers that home routers suffer from like walls or floors.

The researchers are keen to stress however that this should be a worldwide debate, recommending that governments use it themselves to create a single unified network rather than simply auction off the unused spectrum to private companies.

Microsoft recently announced a similar project which would provide free internet to India using the country's own unused TV spectrum.


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